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Welcome to the Law Office of Richard L. Montarbo – Your Workers’ Compensation Defense Source since 1991.

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elcome to the Law Office of Richard L. Montarbo, entering our third decade as your Workers’ Compensation Defense source. Our goal is simply to provide the most aggressive representation of Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Employers, and Public Entities in the Workers’ Compensation Industry.  We balance our aggressive representation with our experience and knowledge which results in the highest quality of legal representation.     

     The Law Office of Richard L. Montarbo provides representation exclusively to defendants in Workers’ Compensation matters throughout the State of California. Our firm is committed not only to providing an aggressive representation of defendants in Workers’ Compensation Matters, but also providing the best educational programs for the claims industry, attorneys, judges, and physicians in the Workers’ Compensation Industry. Our educational programs include “Current Issues – Workers’ Compensation Seminar” held the third Friday in March of each year at The Citizen Hotel, downtown Sacramento.  Additionally, our firm offers “Current Issues with Coffee”, with alternate topics three times per year.

2015 Rating Conference Current Issues WC Conference Click Here


Be a part of getting the announcement of the CompCalc Plus out to the Workers' Compensation Community statewide by texting this YouTube link to as many people as possible.

October 10, 2015 Rating Conference for full details:  Click Here

The Leader in Workers' Compensation Litigation


All newly revised 10th Edition of the 'Work Comp Index -- A TOPICAL GUIDE TO THE LAW OF CALIFORNIA WORKERS' COMPENSATION

Contains a complete analysis of SB863 and all of the new 2013/2014 Statutes, Rules and Regulations in a topical format.

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2015 Indemnity Slide Calculator: Enables users to calculate PD, TD, life expectancy, life pension and death benefits for a given date of injury.

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